Wednesday, September 7, 2011

swuni in depth

recently posted about the wonderful concept and website of...
After posting I received a few e-mails inquiring more details about the website and what it was all about.  
So I sat down with the men behind it Dave + Steven (yes ladies I did say men) and had them 
fill me in on Swuni and how this genius idea came to be. 

First a Brief History:
Two guys, a women’s world, ONE problem and how they’re solving it. 

Sure, there have been times in my life when I was asked to pick up a box or two, having a mom, a little sister, and fiancée. Tampons to me, are obviously foreign and there were times when I would come home with the wrong ones.  I never gave it too much thought, in terms of a solution for the problem until many years later.  

My fiancée and I were having dinner with another couple one evening when Dave, who is an entrepreneur at heart, pitched me the craziest idea I had ever heard. He said, “Tampads, a tampon and maxi pad subscription service for women”. I say crazy because we are two guys, talking about that very thing we know little about.  Initially I shrugged it off, thought of it as nothing more than a conversation…  

Rewind, a little background about me first.  I have always been an internal thinker.  The reason this is important is because I have the ability to talk myself out of every idea I have ever had. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you aspire to be an entrepreneur, overly analytical can be a huge crutch. You tend to find every minuscule problem that has the potential to bring the whole project down. Aborting the mission before it begins. 

About one week goes by after Dave proposes this idea to me and I can’t stop thinking about it. So I sent him a message through Facebook on December 3rd 2010 “I can’t stop thinking about your Tampon internet sales idea... I think it's brilliant... There is nothing like it on the internet, perhaps we can brainstorm some more about it... Seriously”.  To which he responded, “that would be excellent, are you free tomorrow”.  We went to work, discussing all the potential ways in which we could set the business model up, what our mission would be and how would we distinguish ourselves not just as company that sold tampons and maxi pads but as something more personal, an experience.  

The Breakdown: was born out of the acronym “Stuff” When U Need It and the “stuff” would refer to the products that are sometimes embarrassing to say. Dave and I also decided that part of our mission would be to donate a percentage of every sale that we make to communities and nonprofits.  We truly believe in helping people in need and thought that this would be a great platform to establish our philanthropic philosophy.  Not only do we think that it is important to give back to our communities, country and humanity, we also believe in taking care of the people who support us.  So we implemented a couple things that really benefit the consumer.  
  • First, it is important to us that our customers know how much they mean to us, so we take extra special care of the packaging.  Each tampon or maxi pad box is wrapped with tissue paper and extra special surprises are added when available. The idea behind this is that even though these five or so days are not the greatest, we want our package to show up and give you a smile!
  • Secondly, your first month is FREE! As soon as you sign up for the Swuni Tampon Subscription Service ™ your first box of tampons is free.  All you have to do is check out and the discount will be applied to your total. 
  • Third, free doesn’t stop there! Once you become a subscribing member, we send you a special referral code that you can share with your friends! Just have your friends use that unique code when they check out and everyone YOU sign up gets YOU one month free, there is NO LIMIT!  
Swuni is in the beta stage and we are working hard to bring you great things.  We are adding products every day and partnering with other companies that will benefit you! Please let us know if you can’t find your product and we will add it!  Thanks for all of your support thus far and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

I can not say enough great things about

I signed up to receive my "stuff" every other month, and not only is it fun to receive a box wrapped with love in the mail but I feel good knowing part of my purchase is going directly to an non-profit I'm passionate about.

Plus the first 6 readers who sign up for Swuni through my blog will get a FREE Swuni vinyl and sticker that you can put wherever you want.

What do you have to lose? Costs no more that your local grocery store, first month is free, get more people to sign up and receive more free months, donate to a good cause, and not to mention they have great contests running on their Facebook page for Swuni subscribers!

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