Tuesday, September 20, 2011

emmy's love list

So I'm finally back from my blogger break! Thanks to all you lovelies who waited so patiently while I was away. I have a ton of wonderful posts coming up soon! Like "20 little black dresses for $20", a ton of "lovely little find" posts, and some pumpkin themed recipe posts just to name a few! 

This past weekend I took a trip to the big apple for a bachlorette party and will do a small little post on that this week, but first I thought I'd share some of my favorite looks from the Emmy's in this quick little eye candy post! 

There are dozens of studies that prove men are more attracted to women who wear red. 
Though I don't think these women really need any help there.

And these lovely ladies looked simple yet stunning in soft pinks. 
Absolutely love this shade, especially for fall!

You lovelies already know how much I adore lace, and I love the 
unique take on it in these dresses.

Every time I see Kelly Osbourne I can't get over how amazing she looks. This color 
is to-die-for! She has such amazing bone structure, and this dress really shows that off.

And last but not least, Anna Faris in this killer tribal print dress. I would normally put one of the lace looks as my number one but this dress is just so unique and beautiful. Plus Anna looks stunning in it.

Which dress is your favorite?


  1. I don't watch award shows or ever really care about celebrities, but um, great collection! That dress on Anna is the greatest thing I have ever seen. And you are spot on about Kelly Osbourne, she is AMAZING.

  2. I love anything lace, and was so happy to see so much lace on the red carpet! I also loved the red trend, such a great color!

  3. I didn't watch the Emmys but have loved looking at recap photos. Nina Dobrev & Minka Kelly both looked particularly amazing!

  4. wooow! all dresses are super cool!!