Friday, September 23, 2011

lovely little recipe

Pumpkin Whip Dip

Get ready for the easiest and yummiest dessert you can make. Bring this to any party, dinner, soiree, or shin-dig and you will be overwhelmed with compliments on it. It takes a trip to the store and about 5 minutes to make, so it's the perfect "of course I didn't forget about your dinner party tonight" cover-up. I really wanted to serve mine in a glass bowl tucked inside a baby pumpkin but I could find a baby pumpkin quite yet.

1- 16oz container of Cool Whip- thawed
1- 5oz package of Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix 
1- 15oz can of Pure Pumpkin
1 tsp of Cinnamon 
(You can also try Pumpkin Pie Seasoning or Nutmeg)

You will also need cookies for dipping. I served mine with Ginger Thins (Ginger Snaps) but you could serve with Graham Crackers, Chocolate Graham Crackers, Nilla Wafers, Scooby Snacks. Anything you want, or all of the above!

In large bowl combine Pumpkin Pie Mix, cinnamon (or other seasoning), and pudding mix. 
(You do not have to make the pudding. Just pour the mix right in.)

Mix until well blended and moist.

Fold in thawed Cool Whip.

Serve with cookies of your choice and enjoy! 
If you are not serving until later just keep in fridge until you are ready.

This creates a ton of dip. I used 3 boxes of Ginger Thins and still had left over dip. Next time I think I will serve with a few cookie options. I also think I might try putting mini chocolate chips into half and serving two dip options. Overall this recipe was so easy and a HUGE hit!! Tastes like pumpkin pie but so light and fluffy!



  1. THis is such a perfect recipe for the Fall!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. I found your blog via Pinterest for this dip and am so glad I did! I'm from Akron and so are some of my most favorite blogger ladies, I'm excited to add your blog to that list! Can't wait to try this recipe!

  3. Lyndsey,

    I made this for my nephew's fall themed first birthday party over the weekend and it was hit! It is SO easy to make, light, and the perfect sweetness with a great taste of pumpkin! Thanks for your recipe!!

    Love, Amanda

  4. I LOVE anything pumpkin! Oh, man! I can't WAIT to try this recipe... even if I am waaay late on Fall-themed recipes. lol