Sunday, March 11, 2012

little loves

Hello there lovelies! Hope all of you had a wonderful week! As always I kept mine pretty low key and boring, but I always have some little loves that make it a bit more exciting! I met with my graphic designer again this week and the blog make-over is coming along nicely! Let's just say it's going to be beautiful! It will be "un-veiled" on April 10th when this little blog turns the big number ONE! EEEP! Prepare yourself for some nostalgia because I am already having mommy moments ;)

My mom picked up these adorable little ice cream cups and I was taken back to bible school days. Anyone else eat ice cream out of little clear cups with wooden sticks? This ice cream came with a little red spoon in the lid!

Got a nice little surprise from Allure this week. They sent me some goods from Vichy for being an Allure Expert. I love free goodies! 

I had been looking for the new Essie spring collection everywhere and finally found it this week at Target! Snatched the color I was after, "a crewed interest", it's a wonderful peach sorbet kinda color. Perfect for spring! I wish my blogger friend Charlotte lived by me and I would paint her nails (she's got amazing nails) and take a picture of it on for you. My nails are rough, but I'm working on them!

EEEP! My Teen Vouge BB should be here Monday and I can hardly wait! The spoiler photos have been released and all the Teen Vouge boxes have a full size Essie Lux Effects, and either full size Tarte Lip Stain, which you lovelies know I am OBSESSED with, or possibly a Fresh balm, which I have wanted to try forever! So excited! I LOVE BB!

Ok beauty lovers, are you sitting down? TODAY Ulta's 21 days of beauty starts and I am so ready! Basically from now until March 31st Ulta will be hosting special events/demos at all of thier locations from some of the biggest brands in beauty, and we are talking high end. So far I have 2 days I want to attend, March 17th will have a Benefit demo with the new "Hello Flawless" foundation I have been wanting to try, as well as demos from Urban Decay, Clarisonic, and Philosophy. And then on March 27th there is a Bliss demo, which I'm interested in as well. I am unsure if you need to call and make an appointment for theses demos, or if they are lasting all day but a quick call to your nearest Ulta will surely get you some answers. Check out the 21 Days of Beauty page to see a list of all the events. 

Did you think that was all, guess again! Now for the cherry on top of a perfect beauty sundae, everyday from now until the 31st Ulta will also be running an amazing "beauty steal" that will last that day only. They haven't released on the site yet what the steals will be but a lovely lady named Laura who commented on this Nouveau Cheap post was kind enough to share with us what the Ulta AD in the mail said.

Thanks Laura!

I am for sure getting the Tarte: Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara because I have a sample size right now and I love it. I might even get 2! I am interested in the Pur Minerals, Mineral Glow but don't have my heart set on it. The last "steal" I really want is the Benefit, Prrrowl Mascara + Lipstick Combo. I will try and order offline but might head to my store as well. It's still unclear what time the "steals" will be up for grabs online, but they will go fast! 

Do you have you eye on any of the "steals"?
Planning on going to any of the Demo's?


  1. Yes I remember those ice cream cups with the wooden sticks ! :) And I so wish I lived near an Ulta.

  2. I love that Essie color! It's so pretty.

  3. That Essie color is bomb! Can't wait to see what it looks like on, you'll have to take a pic and post that as well =) And as for the ice cream cups, that reminds me of roller skating birthday parties haha

    xx Missy

  4. i want that essie color! my friend and i were looking for it this weekend but it was sold out.

    that benefit brow was free with any 50 dollar purchase is AWESOME and i'll be in town for it - may have to go to my ulta for that one

  5. Love the Essie colour! And the ice cream looks delicious, not to mention so adorable in the little cup!:) xx

  6. I have been reading you blog a lot and I really love it! The concept (all things lovely) is so cute and you do such great posts! I'm following you now:)