Sunday, March 18, 2012

little loves

I sincerely apologize for the impromptu blogger break I took for the majority of this week. 
I was feeling slightly under the weather, and exhausted. Other than not feeling 100%, I still had a good week.

I have been looking everywhere for my favorite Easter candy, Sweet Tarts: Ducks, Chicks, + Bunnies and failed to find them. Though they still aren't the exact ones I've been looking for my mom found these for me this week, and they are a great substitution. 

I didn't go as over-board at Ulta this week as I thought I would. I did get the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation demo (and a free 10 day trail of the foundation), which I will be buying as long as my skin doesn't break out from it, LOVED IT! I also got the Tarte: Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara deal (normally $20, I got it for $10), a Gud body wash (been wanting to try this line), and 2 Ulta brand lip crayons (one in a pin-up red and another a bright rocker pink).

I love, no I am obsessed with Banana Cream Pie and I got to dig into a amazing slice of it this week. Worth every last calorie.

While browsing World Market with some friends, one of them said "I wonder if this really works? Lyndsey you should blog about it" so naturally I am! I have been drinking 2 cups of this tea for Clear Skin (from The Republic of Teas) everyday since. Haven't seen difference yet but it hasn't even been a week.

A blogger friend of mine's, friend (did you follow that?) posted about these adorable tennies from Target for only $9.99, so I just had to have a pair. Not in love with this outfit but I was feeling lazy and rushed. Think the pants and shoes would be really cute with a dressier tank.

Last but not least this week is an amazing proposal. My friend Dan took his beautiful girlfriend Jess to the park where they had thier first date, hid his friend Mike Ruhlin in the bushes (i'm not sure about that bushes part), and got down on bended knee. The real moments here are so wonderful and priceless. Congrats you two!
  Photo Credits: Mike Ruhlin


  1. I will have to try that Benefit Foundation, I break out a majority of the time anytime I switch foundations but I need to find a good one, do you have a concealer you use that you love? I love that outfit too, I'm obsessed with colored jeans right now! Congrats to your friend on getting engaged!

  2. Let me know how that world market tea thing goes! I have the worst skin and am always looking to try new things!! !


  3. Aww sweet tarts! I remember those!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  4. If that tea works please share! I would totally try it.

  5. What a nice week! I am sorry you were sick though!

    If you really like banana cream pie...and you like cheese cake...The Cheesecake Factory's Banana Cream cheesecake is to DIE FOR! lol

  6. love the engagement pics. SO SWEET