Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ponds bb+ review + giveaway

I had the awesome opportunity to review the new Ponds BB+ Cream via Influenster. I was so happy to have been selected and even happier that I was also given 4 full size Ponds BB+ creams to giveaway or share with whomever I chose! I gave one to my good friend Kaylee because she was already using another brand BB cream in her routine and I wanted to hear her take on it, but I saved the remaining 3 to giveaway to my always lovely readers! 

I was doubtful that I would actually like this BB cream, only because I have tried probably close to 10 other BB creams (from bargain drugstore brands to high end) and have almost always been disappointed. Needless to say BB creams just aren't usually for me, they seem to say they offer coverage but they never cover even the smallest of flaws. Anyway I went in skeptical and can honestly say this BB cream made me a believer! Hands down THE BEST BB cream I have ever tried. My friend Kaylee also loved this BB+ cream and actually made the switch from her other brand!

What I like most about this BB+ cream is that it's non-comedognic and hypo-allergenic, which means it wont clog your pores and break you out. Always a plus whether you have sensitive skin like me, or not. My second favorite thing was that it was created with Tone Perfecting Complex, which targets the source of dark spots and begins to visibly fade them over time, as well as hide them after application. Now I cant speak for the over time part because that is with regular use over two weeks and I have been using this when I don't feel like using full foundation (only about once or twice a week). But I can speak for concealing them and fading them when its on! That might seem like a given but this was the first BB cream that I felt actually covered imperfections as it claimed. 

Of course watch my review to get my full thoughts, some hair in the eye action, and typical Lyndsey-isms. Then enter below to win one of THREE full size Ponds BB+ Creams I have up for grabs!

One of Three Full Size Ponds BB+ Creams
Valued at $10

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