Saturday, August 24, 2013

little loves

Hello Lovelies!

I've missed you so! I am SO GLAD to finally be done moving, have internet, and be winding down with my CRAZY summer weddings schedule. I have been so busy the past honestly like 6 months, its unreal. I can't wait to get back into a routine! Let me catch you up quickly on some recent happenings, and tomorrow I have a new post for you with a GIVEAWAY! I know how you love those!

 Went to Columbus this weekend for a wedding and also got to spend time with my brother and sister in law, who came from Florida for it as well. We celebrated mine and my brothers birthdays together. On Saturday night we went to a place called Lemongrass in The Short North and it was so good! Definitely recommend going if you're ever in Columbus. 
(ps. a MUST is Northstar Cafe as well.)

 Myself and my friend Tricia at the wedding (who is getting married NEXT weekend!).
Tricia is wearing a recent Express purchase I believe and I, a Jessica Simpson dress from Dillards.

 Me and my gorgeous mother. She is wearing a recent Loft purchase. 

 Myself, my brother, and his wife Lara (who were both in the bridal party). Since I picked up this headband at Ulta I've gotten so many comments on it. Everyone thinks it's my real hair braided, but it's just a headband to hide my bangs that I'm growing out. They have lots of color and braid options, and its so easy to throw on and make it look like you did something really fancy with your hair!

HERE and HERE are options for the headband but I suggest going in store to match your hair perfectly. 

Have any of you lovelies been to this new chain called Piada?! OMG AMAZING! Think Chipotle but with pasta! They also have killer salads too! Me and the boy went to the one near Belden Village mall but they have a few locations. Totally worth making a drive to try out! We both got the pasta bowl with pesto sauce and veggies (and meat for the bf of course).

Just a little product shout-out, I LOVE (like head over heels, serious relationship, he's the one) with this foundation from Almay. You all know how much I love Almay overall but this foundation is the best foundation EVER! It has smart shade technology (which means it comes in only a few shades and matches your skin tone), aka basically foolproof. No more lines where your foundation ends and your skin begins! It's incredibly lightweight but covers beautifully, it's sensitive enough it won't break you out, it's affordable, should I stop? I could go on forever! I love the way it makes my skin look too! Seriously pick this up ASAP! 
I like to apply it with a Beauty Blender sponge with a stippling technique. Let me know what you think!

Hope you lovelies have been wonderful and lovely, and your summer has been beautiful! Stay tuned for a fun giveaway tomorrow and another FB only giveaway after that!



  1. That's cool, think I might try one of those headbands out!

  2. Love that dress you wore!
    And I love that you gave Northstar a shout-out... my favorite place in columbus, I miss it!!

    xx Missy