Sunday, August 18, 2013

hanes undercover color

Ladies (well and gentlemen), I have some great news to share with you! Hanes recently launched a brand spanking new line of under-lovelies and a fun, cheeky (yes pun intended) campaign to go along with it, Hanes Undercover Color. My #undercovercolor is RED, because I adore red! It makes me feel powerful (kicking butt at the gym), sexy (sexy is just as much for me as it his for the bf), and all around confident. 

I was thrilled to get an awesome care package from Hanes for this campaign to try out some of their newest items. I've always been a big fan of Hanes because they are an incredibly affordable and dependable brand, but I was super impressed when I got my care package because they totally stepped up their game! The colors, prints, and patterns were fun and vibrant, who wouldn't feel powerful and sexy with some bold color on their side?

the Hanes padded bandini and cute printed panties (guaranteed wedgie free) were perfect for working out.

Out of all the products they sent my way (which were all fabulous) I was LOVING the bras. Now without sharing too much info here we all know I am, as some would say "blessed in the chest". Finding a good bra is like a wild goose chase, and finding a good comfy bra to wear while working out, or running errands is even harder than finding your standard under wire type. They sent me these new awesome Bandini bras that can be worn racer back style, one strap, or strapless. I loved the one with padding because it seemed to offer a little more support for working out. I also loved the cut of these bras, as strange as it sounds I loved how the straps look peeking out of a shirt or a dress.

the hands tee in a light lime green (come in v-neck too) and the not 
padded pink striped bandini, and super comfy blue striped boy shorts.

I was also loving their new Live.Love.Color tees, they are so comfy and the fit is amazing. I am planning on snatching up some of their v-neck styles next. If you need some nice quality tees that wont break the bank, try these! They come in great colors too!

I'm loving Hanes right now, and will definitely be stocking up on some more Bandini bras ASAP! Find out your Under Cover Color HERE, share it, and wear it!

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