Monday, August 13, 2012

little loves

So two weeks to catch up on again. I missed putting up the last "little loves" because I usually compose it Friday or Saturday night but I had a busy weekend. I went to Ikea with my mom, worked, kick boxed, squeezed in some date nights, some friend dates, the Noto Big Blue Couch sale, and of course slept. 

Last week I got this lovely little package from Adore Me (a lingerie subscription service). I will e filming a video review of it soon so stay tuned! 

Last week I was having one of those "I don't like ANYTHING I own" moments but then I remembered these new black dressy Loft shorts. I paired it with a simple cream pocket tee (but with a see through lace back), my go to gold jewelry, and one of my favorite vintage necklaces. I need to wear shorts more often, I really ended up liking this look.

Last weekend we were having some house guests over so I had to clean my bathroom. My beauty products tend to take over the bathroom, and spill out into the hallway (since that is where I keep my Helmer). The hallway floor did not really look like this but that was how I started organizing. I rearranged my Helmer a little bit too.

Top Drawer: Brushes, cleaner, tools, eyelashes, and lash glue.
2nd: Foundations, primers, highlighters, powders, and concealers.
3rd: Shadow, liners, eye primers, mascara.
4th: Lip + cheek color

5th: Whole face palettes and extra make-up bags.
6th: Polish, strips, files, clippers, + other nail needs.
And my everyday make-up bag with my favorite products.

It felt really good to get re-orgianzed.

I had two of these single use Bamboo UV+ hair masks, and got this Ahava mud face mask in my July Birchbox (with Glamour) box. I've used these two products two weeks in a row now for Mask Monday and they are really giving my usual favorites a run for their money.

These were my two Ikea purchases. One is this kitchen cart (really wanted in teal but my store only had gray), I'm using as a bathroom/ beauty product cart. I really love it a lot, and it can be good for so many other things to if I ever want to use it for something else. I also got this really simple white clothing rack for $10 (!!!). I've wanted a clothing rack for a long time to store my "recent purchases" and to use for filming video hauls but they were always either too chincy or too bulky and industrial. This isn't the sturdiest of racks but it's definitely not chincy either. Seriosuly love how slim line it is (and yes those might be 2 out of 3 of my new NOTO purchases).

Got my August "beauty school" Birchbox and am very happy with the contents! I LOVE this razor so I was really excited to get another. Really loving the Stila mascara too (the wand is nice and skinny). I haven't tried much else out yet but I'm also excited about the Shu Uemura hair oil too!

My last Noto purchase was this maroon hi-lo skirt. This is my first hi-lo hemline piece and I love it! I stole this shirt from my moms closet and paired it with a brown belt and sandals, this adorable leopard print bag from Dorothy Perkins, and of course my go to gold jewelry. This outfit got a lot of compliments too which always make a girl feel good. I wore this out for date night Sunday, followed by a small gathering of friends at a wine bar in Kent. 

Hope you lovelies had a great week! 
As always love to hear your comments and feedback ;)


  1. Looks like you did a lot of summer cleaning! I love that skirt on you, hugs your curves in the most perfect places!



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. aww thank you my love!! as always thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I have been having those "hate all contents of my closet" feelings lately :( hate that. I do however love your IKEA stuff, cute clothing rack - great idea for video posts :)

    xo Teresa

    1. ugh they are the worst!!! and thanks!! i did get some good ikea buys :) thanks for commenting! xoxo

  3. wow! i love the way you styled the hi-low skirt. perfection!:)

    1. why thank you my love!!! thanks for offering such a great piece!! xoxo

  4. I loved the outfit you put together with the black short, the lacy cream top, and the shoes! My goodness, the SHOES!!! lol

    1. awww you are too sweet marie, thanks!!! i definitely forget sometimes about shorts. it ended up being a great comfy outfit! thanks for reading and commenting!! xoxo

  5. i absolutely love that skirt on you! such a lovely blog -- following :)