Wednesday, June 6, 2012

may bloom beauty ambassador

For those of you who missed my first two posts on this you can check them out HERE and HERE. I have gotten the amazing opportunity to be a Beauty Ambassador for an amazing site called Bloom. Bloom is basically an online mega-store with every brand from Stila to Almay and everything in between. Not online do the carry awesome brands, and constantly run promotions, they also have an amazing beauty community, recommendations, and cash back rewards! 

This months kit had two more Lash Food products to accompany the Lash Food Conditioner we got in Aprils kit, and an Alchimie Forever Mask. I was super excited about the Lash Food products because I have heard a lot about them and I was really enjoying the conditioner so far. I knew Alchimie Forever was a popular, high-end brand but that was about the extent of my knowledge on it. 

Something I did learn about myself during this process is I suck at taking eye-lash photos. I must have taken 100 every time and I was never very pleased with any of them! I also need a better camera then my little point and shoot. Anyway this is my before and after shots, NO product. I honestly don't feel like my lashes improved too dramatically but I did see a small difference. I was hoping to see more volume but only saw more length, but that is okay. Last week I also decided to start putting the conditioner in my eyebrows and I really think they are getting fuller. I am going to take a picture of the progress and show you lovelies in about a month!

I was extremely hesitant about the Lash Food Liquid Liner but I was very pleasantly surprised. It went on really nicely, stayed put, and has a nice shine to it. I am not much of a liner girl in general but I got so many compliments on my eyes that day, maybe I should be! It lasted all day, and didn't smudge or flake but it came off with one swipe of my make-up remover! Love it!

I have only good things to say about the Lash Food Mascara. Out of the 5 different mascara's I currently have in my make-up bag I found myself constantly reaching for this one. It really lengthened, separated, and didn't make my lashes "droop". So many mascaras are too heavy and my curled lashes fall limp within the hour. It gave my lashes a really pretty natural look, and even my boyfriend said something about them! This also lasted all day, and came off in a breeze, no raccoon eyes at all!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know I started something called Mask Monday's. Face masks and hair masks are important to any beauty routine and should be done weekly. I was finding I would lose track of when I last did a mask, or forget to do one so I made a night of it and now every Monday I remember. I was really excited when I saw this Alchimie Forever Kantic Mask because I had a new mask to add to the mix!

I had heard of the brand, and knew it was a high-end brand so I was really excited to get to test it out! I was really surprised when I opened the lid to find this lush, creamy, purplish goop inside. This specific mask is for brightening the skin, soothing skin, and calming irritations and redness, among other things. I am generally pretty nervous to put on new face masks because sometimes my skin has very bad reactions to them, but after reading the ingredients, smelling it, and seeing how soothing it looked I was less nervous. 

This mask doesn't dry, you simply put it on and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. I'm not 100% sure if it brightened my complexion but it definitely soothed it, and combated some of the redness. I felt like I was at a day spa getting a incredibly expensive facial. I have used this mask multiple times since then and continue to love it. If anything, my skiing feels calm afterwards.

Overall I loved my May kit! I will most likely buy the Lash Food Conditioner, and mascara again, as well as the Alchimie Forever mask. I probably won't buy the liner, simple because I don't use liner too often.

Have you ever used any of these products? 

Which would you most want to try?

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