Thursday, June 14, 2012

fashion haul

Hey Lovelies!

As always I did a little shopping and thought I'd film a little video to show you all my finds and where you can get them!

In Order of Appearance:

Lace Dress
Lace Detail Pocket Tee
Mustard Flower Dress
Color Block Pocket Tank
Gold + Teal Chunky Necklace
 ... all from Figleaf

Picture of the color block tank :)

Hawaiian Tank
Polka-Dot Button Front Tank
Gold Earrings
... all from Room 9 

Lace Front Tee
... all from Express

What is your favorite piece I bought?

Any suggestions on how to style some of the pieces here?


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with those wedges!! And everything else you got. Definitely looks like you got great buys! We share the same love of lace clothing and I will have to show you recent lace clothing purchases I made at a boutique called Francesca's Collections. I am in PA, so I'm not sure if they have any in OH? Loved the haul!! xox Sarah

    1. aww thanks love!! please do show me your finds!! do you have a blog?! we have a francescas at one of the locals malls but i rarely go to that one, i always forget they have that store!! though it is my go-to place when looking for jewelry!

  2. I love your vlog! You got some super cute items, I love boutique shopping, I just wish there were more where I live.

    xo Teresa

    1. aww thanks teresa!! i adore yours as well!! i did score some good finds!! it's always when you aren't looking that you do! yes i agree. i have about 4 in the area... but 2 that i really like. where do you live?

      thanks for reading and commenting! xoxo