Sunday, June 24, 2012

little loves

So once again it has been a while since I did a little loves. I filmed a few new vlogs this week and have been busy editing those so that is why I have been a bit MIA. I also started my NEW kickboxing class this week, and let me tell you it was INTENSE! I used to take the class at Asian Sun Martial Arts but it was so expensive and not flexible. I found out my local YMCA has the class (and you hit bags there too) for way cheaper and more flexibility. It was also WAY harder and fun. It's practically like a boot camp.

Last week I received an advance copy of the book "Such a Rush" by Jennifer Echols from the lovely little ladies at Small Girls PR. It has been the perfect summer read thus far. I brought it to the pool with me, and have been sneaking in reading every chance I get. It's definitely a page turner! I am filming a "what's in my beach bag" vlog next week and will have finished it by then. I will be sure to give you my final thoughts.
Don't worry I'm not driving. Was waiting for the boyfriend and parked.

 I have become a huge huge fan of Simple products. I went to CVS this week to get the gel cleanser you see on the far right because I love it with my Clarisonic MIA, and I found this travel size display! I was really excited because I also love the wipes but they are a little more expensive then my trusty Olay wipes. Though I definitely snatched up the travel size pack for my beach bag and for my Lyndsey Emergency Kit. Of course I bought the last gel cleanser and decided to try the make-up remover too. 

Also while I was at CVS I saw this Skinny Girl Beauty display. I had not heard about it at all and was really surprised and intrigued. I posted a picture via FB and Instagram and asked for feedback. My reader Sheila said the plumping lip gloss was sticky and another reader Lindsay said she loved the lip gloss, lip scrub, and body scrub, but was underwhelmed by the tinted moisturizer. I think I am going to try the wipes (because they are fairly low price), the body scrub (which isn't pictured here), the face mask for sure, and probably a million others if I like the results with those first buys. 

Have any of you tried any Skinny Girl Beauty yet? What did you try and what are your thoughts?!

Wednesday night my friends Jessalyn + Kristen had a thirty-one party. It was a night with the girls and I had been aching to finally wear my new statement necklace (from this haul), so I did. It was like 90* so I kept the outfit simple and cool with a blue high-waisted skirt, sheer white tie top, and simple gold jewelry. Loved this outfit!

Myself + Sadie (who's birthday it was this week!) at the party.

We made mini-sundae's after the party and girl talked till 2AM. Love nights like those.

Thursday date night was just going to be casual and chill. It was once again crazy hot so this top was perfect and cool. I got it years ago from express and just love the detail and simpleness of it. I paired it with my favorite boyfriend jeans from American Eagle (years ago), brown sandals (Target- 2 years ago), H+M cross body bag, and some simple bracelets. I have been pulling my hair back into a bun using my Goody spin-pins and then letting it out when it dries to make the most beautiful natural waves without heat. It is just too hot to blow dry my hair right now. 

I have been looking everywhere for a bralet top like this that will allow me to still wear a real bra underneath for support. I finally found some at Target this week. They had a few different styles but only this one and a black with studs thats straps were thick enough to cover my real bras straps. I really love this look and am going to try and pull it off. It only shows maybe an inch of my stomach. I think one of the boyfriends gigs at a less upscale bar will be perfect. 

What do you think? Hoochy or Hot? 

Yesterday my boyfriend had a gig at Russo's in Cuyahoga Falls. I love Russo's! The food is out of this world (the owner/chef trained under Emeril), and it's a bit classier than most of their gigs so I had the opportunity to get dolled (Kardashian lingo here) up for it. I wore the BB Dakota skirt I scored off Open Sky for $19 (normally $119), my color block Express Tee, and blue Gianni Bini pumps. I even did the signature Kardashian bun. 

I hope you lovelies had a great week! 


  1. Love your outfits! Definitely want to try some simple products, Olay wipes are my favorite too!

    1. aww thanks melissa! you should try simple!! maybe your CVS will have the travel size ones too and you can try them that way! yes olay are awesome!! they are the cheapest ones i believe, other than the off brands that i'm not a huge fan of :) off to check out your blog now! xoxo

    2. oh and THANK YOU for reading AND commenting.

  2. I love the bralette... I need a few of those to wear under sheer tops... so cute!

    xo Teresa

    1. thanks teresa! thats exactly what i was thinking!!! i kinda want o find one that doesn't have the zipper so it'll look better under a sheer top. but this one will do for now. thanks for reading and commenting!! off to catch up on your blog! xoxo

  3. i love hat girls night out look - and your date night look was awesome too. you little kardashian inspired bun is awesome!

    1. thanks katherine! I've been obsessed with the kardsahian bun lately. i can do it still wet and not use any heat on my hair which is awesome since it has been CRAZY HOT! thanks for reading and commenting!


  4. I loooove that leopard top! I can't believe you got that at Target! I'm all about crop tops this summer (I'm wearing one as I type) and I'm sure you look amazing in it! P.S. Following you :)



    Southern (California) Belle