Sunday, January 15, 2012

little loves

This week was honestly pretty much a bore. All work and no play. Me and the boyfriend did mange to sneak out Thursday for sushi at Sakura and then tried out Menchie's for the first time. It was so delicious! Friday I got snowed in due to my awful tires, and severe driving anxiety, and Saturday my mother hosted a martini party and of course I helped. Tonight is another date night with my love, and I want nothing more than to cuddle up and order in some food. When winter rolls around here in Northeast Ohio I go into hibernation- for real.

There are only a few good things about this time of year, and delicious citrus happens to be one of them.

One of my favorite dinners is goldfish soup. It is really just vegetable soup with a ton of goldfish thrown in, but it is heaven.

Made jello shots in lemon and lime slices for the martini party. They were a huge hit!

My pride and glory, a mini cake batter martini for the party. Found the idea on the blog that sucked approximately 7 hours out of my life this week, How Sweet It Is.

Got my first ever Birchbox this week!! So excited, and very pleased with the contents!
 Blog post to come this week!


  1. So much to love in this post. How Sweet It Is is my favorite food blog - and I made her Roasted Garlic & caramelized Veggie Tostadas last week. They're to die for! Finally, I just bought a year of Birchbox after going month-to-month, & I can't wait to keep it going for 12 months. Enjoy yours!

  2. the soup... the jello shots... YUM!!

    Miss you my love!! xoxox


  3. I've never heard of a soup like that, but I think my nephew would die for that! So cute.

    And Ohio hibernation is the greatest!

  4. Oh I love the idea of the jello shots! Totally stealing that! But I'll credit you of course ;)

    xo Missy