Friday, January 27, 2012

jason wu for target

Forget about Missoni for Target, Jason Wu's collection is about to hit stores and I have been laying out my game plan. Missoni was never really my thing, but I'm lusting over almost every piece in the Jason Wu collection. With the collection due for stores February 5th, and not a single piece over $59.99 I am ready to get in line and get my little piece of Jason Wu. 

What I love most about his collection, is well.. the collection. It's beautiful, clean, timeless, brilliant, and just all around lovely! It doesn't hurt that a cat plays a part in his collection, because deep down I am really just a crazy cat lady. There are positives and negatives about living in the suburbs of Ohio, on the down side many of the stores around me won't carry the full collection or more than a few of each piece, however on the VERY positive side I don't have to fight over too many crazies to get to the pieces I really want, like you will probably have to do if you live in NYC or somewhere.

With the look-book launched, and videos circling YouTube I am still narrowing down the pieces I want (ok I want them all, but that I can afford). I know without a doubt I want the black and white satchel (second bag down), the blue pleated shift dress (bottom right), and a few blouses. I also really REALLY love the cream flared dress (also available in black) with the black lace petticoat peaking out (bottom left) but I will have to try that one on because that fit typically doesn't do much for my shape. 

These are just some of my favorite pieces and looks. You can find out more about this collection from this Pop Sugar video, Glamour post, and of course Target. Also you can find a complete list of stores that will have the Jason Wu collection on the Target Style Facebook page.

Will you be lining up for any of the Jason Wu collection? If so what are the pieces you'll be heading towards first?


  1. I'm pretty excited for this collection however I live in SF so all the crazy's will be in line at the target we all go to I'm sure! The cream flared dress is lovely I also really like the skirt that's been paired up with the yellow top. You'll have to end up posting what you get!