Sunday, December 18, 2011

little loves

I'm going to be honest, it was quite a boring week for me. A bunch of work and last minute holiday shopping. I haven't been back to kickboxing in 2 weeks because my schedule is a bit crazy right now. Though I will be back on board after the new year! (Can't wait!) I did score my readers another awesome giveaway coming soon, found a few awesome new blogs, and met with my graphic designer and friend to discuss the one year blog birthday make-over. Get excited, because it is going to be just lovely!

I have been hunting the infamous Lux Effects line from Essie for a while now. FINALLY scored some at Walgreen's, though it was quite picked over and I only scored one out of three I was after. Pictured is Essie "a cut above" over black, I'm also after "set in stones" the silver version of this, and "as gold as it gets" a very fine gold glitter. If you locals see them please let me know :)

Got a pedi this week, courtesy of my momma. (Thanks Mom!) If "A Ruby for Rudolph" on your toes doesn't put you in the holiday spirit I'm not sure what would.

Started doing my research on how to score cheap beauty products and stumbled across this blog. Nouveau Cheap is a beauty blogger and junkie who shares her secrets on how to get more beauty for your buck. So excited to put some of the ideas into practice! Its like Extreme Couponing Beauty Edition!

First heard about this blog though fellow blogger Charlotte and quickly became obsessed!! This woman takes old peices of furniture and completely transforms them into Pottery Barn-esque pieces. And even better she shares all her secrets on how to do it yourself!! So completely amazing!

This kid also made my week. If you are a Gleek like me I know you'll enjoy this. 

And last but definitely not least is a big congratulations to my best friend Vidya who graduated this weekend!! Love you!

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