Sunday, December 4, 2011

little loves

Another crazy week has come and gone, and I am sick once again. I'm not sure how I am ever going to kick this but hopefully I will figure something out... soon! This week was pretty low key for me, did the usual work, kickboxing, sleep, blog. Although Thursday I did have a very very belated birthday dinner and it was delicious! I also did manage to start my holiday shopping, and of course gave in to a few items for myself. I hope you lovelies had a wonderful week!

While holiday shopping for others I couldn't resist the urge to get this Dior Airflash Foundation that I tried while I was in Florida. It is unbelievable, seriously. Though this will only be used for special events and occasions due to it's cost. Still so excited!

Stumbled upon this image via Pinterest and am obsessed with it!! I love the cobalt blue touches. It makes me want to get an outfit with nudes, browns, and blues! So stunning!

I am in love with this idea to show off/ store pumps. Though I am not sure if it's good for the heels to be hung like that. Wondering if it would put too much stress on them?

Love this idea that Lauren Conrad posted to give the boy in your life "Rein-beer". 
So cute, I might have to try it out!

Picked up some custom pieces from Toony Jewelry this week, including these pretty bow necklaces. I love  how different they are from each other, but still so feminine. Can't wait to wear them soon!


  1. I've had the ladder idea for years, but I always imagined doing it on thicker ladders so they could sit flat.

    And your custom necklaces are so freaking beautiful.

  2. Those cobalt pumps are to die for! Love!