Wednesday, October 24, 2012

glossybox unboxing vlog

If you read my blog, then you know I love beauty products and I LOVE beauty samples! I am always on the lookout to snag some great samples, and even have a great use for them, read HERE

I have heard so much about Glossybox even before it was available here in the US. And now since it launched here I have seen and heard about it all over the blog-esphere. Beauty bloggers sing it's praises and I have been really interested in trying it for a while now. 

I had the amazing opportunity to get a Glossybox to review through the company OpenSky who has partnered with them. I was so FREAKING excited (yes that was necessary) when I got home from work and it was on my porch. So please excuse the hot mess of a blogger I am in this video because I couldn't even so much as wait to take a shower first before opening it.

Let me know what you think of the contents, if you subscribe to Glossybox, if you want to, or anything else!

Check out the great OpenSky and Glossybox page HERE.

Can't wait to hear what you lovelies think!


  1. I used to sub to glossy but we had to part ways, this is a great box though! Really love the nail polish.

  2. This is such an impressive box. The samples are huge! Illamasqua is pronounced Ill-a-mask-a (you were close haha). This brand is also great for makeup (especially for fair-er skinned girls). The foundations and eyeshadows are AMAZING quality. I hope you do a few reviews once you use some of the products more.