Monday, May 20, 2013

goodwill good style fashion show

Two weeks back I had the amazing experience of working with Goodwill of Greater Cleveland in their Good Style Fashion Show. Myself and other local bloggers were given Goodwill gift certificates and asked to shop and style 6-10 outfits from Goodwill clothing and accessories. 

I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed at first. Shopping at Goodwill for yourself requires time, patience, and imagination, but shopping for other people at Goodwill was a whole new ball park! While I did personally know all of my models and had a pretty good idea of their sizing and body types, it was still difficult to decide if something would ultimately fit or not. I also found it challenging to decide what to pass on and what to buy. Until I found a few of my key pieces to build outfits around I just snatched anything up that I thought was a really great find. Because it's not like I could go back for an item if I decided I wanted it. It was so fun though to hunt through all the racks and treasure hunt, and I found some KILLER items!

I included the look titles below and details on the pieces I scored at Goodwill. Oh and I had the extra fun aspect of opening the show, AND getting this years theme song and the perfect song to use for this show Thrift Shop by Macklemore with Ryan Lewis. 

So go ahead and press play as you check out my collection below.

Loft Shorts- $5.50, Reversible Cardigan- $5.50, New Sunglasses - $1 = $12

I found this amazing reversible sweater on my very first Goodwill trip for the show. It has this great waterfall style front lapel and can be worn black or brown. I knew I had to have it! I also found these great statement printed shorts originally from Loft and fell in love with them. This outfit it totally something I would wear to go to the winery with my girls in the summer. 

American Woman
Dress- $5, Liz Claiborne Jacket- $3.50, New Target Belt- $2, Clutch- $2 = $12.50

This basic black body-con dress with three quarter sleeves was one of the pieces I was torn on getting. I knew it was in great condition, and was a great find but was worried it might have been too basic. I am so glad I ended up going for it because it was the perfect blank canvas for this military inspired look. Paired with this great army green cropped jacket, chunky distressed belt, and a simple clutch the look was one of my favorites. So simple yet stylish. I would wear this for anything from running errands to a casual date night.

Nowhere Man
New Target Shirt- $4, Gap Cardigan- $5, Watch- $2, Scarf- $2 = $13

I loved this look because it is so on trend for men in my age group right now. Teetering on the edge of hipster but still keeping it real. I was really into army green when I was shopping so I was sold on this button up shirt. The brown leather watch and scarf that matched the cardigan made it all come together. 

If I Were A Boy
NY&Co Pants- $5.50, 100% Silk Tank- $7, Old Navy Jean Vest- $3.50, New Keds- $7 = $23

I LOVED this look so much. This to me is just perfection. I love when girls wear these boyfriend military inspired pants, they always look so great and stylish but totally effortless. I scored this pair practically new from NY&CO originally and completed it with this amazing white basic tank (seriously this tank might be my favorite piece I purchased. The fabric and quality of it is just amazing), a denim vest, and Keds. I think if I were styling this look in real life I would prefer it with some sandals or flats, but since these new Keds worked and were from Goodwill I used them. 

She's A Bad Mama Jama
 Susana Monaco Skirt- $2, Cache Crop-Top- $3.50, New Cache Belt- $2 = $7.50

Even though I wasn't going to be walking in the show, I wanted one of the looks to be totally me. When I spotted this black high waisted tube skirt I knew I had to have it. It didn't have the tags still but I could tell it was brand new. I also found this cropped top originally from Cache and loved the feel of it. I paired it with a new Cache belt that had gold and white details. Later I googled the skirt brand and found it was a great brand that typically sells at Nordstom and Neiman Marcus, total score!

She Works Hard For The Money
Pencil Skirt - $3.50, Cardigan - $5, Bracelet -$1 = $9.50

This look was really fun because it was inspired by the working entrepreneur woman. I did a classic red pencil skirt, since red demands power and attention but then played it down with a sweet and relaxing printed cardigan, finished with a skinny belt at her waist and of course a great structured bag.

Mr. Brightside
Jacket - $7 Shirt - $5 Suspenders - $3 Shoes - $7 = $22

Menswear was quite the task at Goodwill. While they did have great hidden treasures too, they also had significantly less options than women's. The mens department was about 1/8 of the women's. I decided it was because a) mens fashion trends don't change as much as women's and b) men don't get rid of clothes as often as women do. I did however manage to find these great pieces for this look, and everyone raved about this outfit. My boyfriend especially liked the suspenders. 

It Girl
High-End Label Nicole Miller Dress - $1

Oh how I wish I had a picture of the back of this dress (I have made a mental note to take more detail pictures next year if I have the honor of participating again). This lovely lady is my best friend Kae who is one of the thinnest girls I know. She is just so very petite, and I knew from experience of shopping with her that she has serious trouble finding things to fit her. I was determined to find something great for her, and after all my Goodwill trips I was becoming discouraged when the options in her size were very limited. I ended up putting together an outfit that "would do" but that I didn't love for her. On my last shopping trip I decided to stop by the $1 rack on my way to cash out. Most of the items on the rack were damaged or stained but for whatever reason this killer LBD was in perfect condition and $1. The size was perfect and the back was low cut with a beautiful pleated ruffle down the lower half. Not to mention Nicole Miller is a great brand normally found at Saks Fifth! This was hands down the best find and steal. And Kae now has a LBD that seems as if it was made for her. 


I had such a fantastic time, as did all my family and friends who came out to support me. They all raved about the event from start to finish. It was put together and executed flawlessly. I loved seeing all my other lovely blogger girls and their wonderful collections! You can check out all the pictures from the event HERE, and LIKE Goodwill while you're at it! 

Things were so crazy on the day of the show I failed big time when it came to taking pictures. I should have taken a ton more, especially of the details and accessories. There is always next time.

I've already arranged my next trip to Goodwill with my friend to shop for her, and for me too of course.  Not to mention they have some of the best home goods items too! I tried to stay on track when I was shopping for my collection and not linger too long in the housewares so I am excited to get back and really pick through the treasures there!

I am so honored and thrilled that Goodwill asked me to participate. So grateful to have had amazing support there and lucky to have such beautiful and generous friends to volunteer thier time to the show. 

What do you think of my collection and finds? Do you have a favorite thrifted find?



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