Thursday, May 31, 2012

march, april, + may birchbox

In the midst of my bad too-long blogger break I failed to update about my Birchboxes for the past 3 months. I even got two emails from readers interested in subscribing asking if I cancelled my subscription, and wanting to know why. Well I am here to say NO WAY! I love my Birchbox and couldn't be happier (well maybe in the very smallest way, but we will touch on that later). Anyway I'll try and keep my reviews short and sweet.
 Teen Vouge Box

So a few weeks prior to this BB, subscribers got an e-mail giving them the option to opt-in or out of the special edition Teen Vouge BB. Obviously I decided to forgo my usual BB for this one, and I was really happy with the contents. When the spoilers were released I was really excited to see a full size Tarte Lip Stain in many, as I am a huge fan. But then I saw that a few boxes got the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and I was even more excited since I wanted to try one for a while now. I was pretty bummed when the lip treatment was just sample size, since the Tarte stains were full, but got over it quickly. This box also contained a full size Essie Lux Effects top coat, which was a nice surprise. I of course got the only Lux Effect shade I already own, but lucky enough have a friend that the same thing happened to and we switched!

The Kerastase hair elixir is nice, especially cause it's the perfect size to throw into my Lyndsey Emergency Kit (vlog on that coming in a few days). Other than the handiness of it, it didn't impress me too much. Seems the same as every other hair oil out there.

I was indifferent to the Twistband, but found out it doesn't give your hair a crease which is great  when I am heading from one job to the next. Though the blue color of the one I got is slightly childish. I wish you could buy solid black, more than one at a time. 

I wish there was an opt-out option for fragrance samples. They are the worst!

Overall I would give this box 3 out of 5.


I will start off by saying that I was really excited about both the Befine and Amika samples in this box. Right after the boxes were shipped Birchbox emailed the subscribers to let us know that some of the Befine samples were expired. It was really nice of them since most of us wouldn't have noticed anyway. They also credited each account with the expired samples with like 100 points or something. It was awesome and I finally cashed in my BB points to buy a full size of the Amika Hair Mask. It was originally $40, and HOLY COW is it big! I didn't pay a single dollar, not even shipping after I used my points. I love, love, love this mask!

The Vapour lipstick was alright. The color was really nice, but the formula didn't wow me. 

My beauty blogger bestie loved her Dirt scrub but once again it didn't wow me.

The lifestyle extra in this box was tea which was nice because I am a huge tea drinker and really enjoyed them!

Overall I would give this box a 3 out of 5.

Gossip Girl Box

This was another special Birchbox, but subscribers automatically received this one vs. given the choice. I probably would have opted for it anyway so that didn't bother me. I was pretty underwhelmed with this box. The Caudalie Hand + Nail cream seems like every other lotion, but is nice. 

The Ojon conditioner was the one I was most excited about and of course it is great! Ojon is a great brand, and I am glad I got the conditioner vs. the shampoo. 

I had no idea what to expect with the Fusion Beauty Lip Balm but it blew me away. I love it! It tingles just a bit to plump, is packed with SPF, and has the perfect satin formula. My favorite thing about it is that it looks glossy without being sticky. At $22 I am not sure I would buy another but I'm not against it.

The lifestyle extra this month was Gossip Girl notecards, which I was actually excited about until I got the box. In the picture online they showed multiple cards with multiple phrases but we only got one. 

Once again I wish there was an opt-out option for fragrance samples.

Overall I would give this box a 2 out of 5.

Anyway I tried to keep it brief and to the point here. Overall I really enjoy my BB subscription! With it only being $10 a month I feel like I get it's worth each month. I usually find at least one great new product to love, and getting the huge full size Amika hair mask for free was a huge benefit! 

What about you lovelies? Any BB subscribers out there? What do you think about your recent Birchboxes? Any of you lovelies out there considering becoming a subscriber?

And stay tuned cause in the next few days I will be posting a VLOG on the best way to utilize all your samples! 


  1. The gossip girl box was my first box with BB I liked what I got in mine and used pretty much all of so far. I think for the price you can't really go wrong with it. :)

  2. This is so very tempting! If I wasn't try to save money right now and stick to the basics, I would 100% try this out! Thank you for your primer tips, it is very much appreciated! I actually just went out and bought L'Oreal's new-ish primer called "Magic Serum" or something to that affect, and have only tried it for a few days so I am not exactly sure where I stand! It does feel nice and satiny and is easy to blend, but the true test is making sure my foundation stays put after a full work day!

    I may try the mark one for eyes, I will let you know!
    xo Hannah

  3. I signed up for BB in May. My first box was Gossip Girl. I'm bummed to see that two of my products were in the March Teen Vogue BB. I thought there would be a vast difference between the Teen Vogue March box and the Gossip Girl May box. Bummer